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The era of Meiji (about 125 years ago) was the period that Japan started opening its door to western civilization. It also coincided with the time that Tamijiro Shioi returned from France where he successfully completed his training as a professional chef. Soon after his return, he opened his first restaurant called “Yayoi-ken” at Kayabacho area in Tokyo.
His first restaurant mainly served cuisines at the price on only one yen per set.
Because of his superb cooking skills and competitive price, Yayoi-ken soon became so popular with Tokyo residents that even the Prime Minister was among the restaurant’s frequent customers.

Yayoi-ken has experienced another wave of expansion under the leader ship of Sueyuki Shioi who is the grandson of Tamijiro Shioi. The chain now has over 200 outlets and the target is to achieve at least 500 outlets in the upcoming future. Yayoi-ken’s image of offering only quality and delicious food has been the result of its cooking expertise.
This specialization has helped Yayoi-ken creates popular and delicious dishes by implementing both western and eastern cooking skills into an exquisite menus.

In addition, Sueyuki Shioi has operated another successful restaurant chain which sells “Bento” (Japanese Style Lunch Box). This restaurant chain has over 2,400 outlets throughout Japan and it is well-known among Japanese under the name of 
“Hotto Motto” 

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Mission Statement

Yayoi is an original Japanese restaurant that serves quality, quick, and authentic tasting meals at affordable prices.
We also offer varieties of dishes that have been carefully selected to guarantee customer’s satisfaction.
Our restaurant can simply take you back to Japan every time you visit us.