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ABOUT YAYOI Our japanese food

Our Japanese Food

Japan experiences the four seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is surrounded in all directions by the sea, and stretches a long distance from north to south. Over the centuries, these unique natural features have fostered a culture that celebrates the harvests of each season: seafood, found in abundance in local waters, as well as meat, vegetables and other products of the land.

In Japan, we have a traditional culinary term known as "ichijū-sansai", used from long ago. It literally means "one soup, three sides". This term refers to a meal consisting of rice and soup accompanied with three dishes (one main dish + two side dishes). Combining a variety of individual items and dishes for complete and well-balanced nutrition, it is still considered as the basis for a healthy diet.

The set menus we compose at Yayoiken follow the same principles. Along with rice and miso soup, they comprise a main dish of meat or fish with side dishes of vegetables and "tsukemono" pickles. Their most distinctive quality is to offer you the best balanced arrangement of meat, vegetables and fish in one meal.

Our set menus take their inspiration from the wisdom of the Japanese culinary tradition. Please enjoy them!


Speed and Quality

Many people think taking more time to cook makes better quality dishes. This is not always true. The truth is, the faster the better. Why? Because raw materials lose quality over time. The faster the food is cooked, the more quality it will retain.The true Japanese way of cooking is to cook by the clock. Yayoi has implemented know-how and new technologies straight from Japan that allow us to cook and serve food faster than other restaurants. We have Japanese chefs who visit us from Japan every month to develop new menu and inspect quality. The Yayoi ingredients have also been carefully selected by our Japanese chefs, and cooked with the newest Japanese technologies and methods. This means that you and enjoy our quality cuisine without having to wait for too long.